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New Site

-or update existing-
Whether you need to present yourself online or change an existing investment, the process is painless and fast.

Everyone has different needs. Maybe you need a lot of logic and features. Maybe you just need a simple page to tell the world about your business.

Either way, you get online quickly without having to deal with technical details or comply with recommended standards.

One Man Band

-and then some-
As a Senior System Developer with over 20 years in the industry, I have extensive experience with the entire process from needs analysis and design to development and finally operation.

I develop solutions around Core Functionality. Through needs analysis and good collaboration, it is made visible what the solution should actually offer in terms of functionality and how the site should be structured.

The advantage of a man behind the wheel is that I have full insight into your solution and can make changes or add functionality without the risk of breaking the code. It results in a quick and easy process.


-because it's importtant-
Code makes a solution come alive. The bigger the solution, the more code - and you depend on it to handle all the challenges. My code is flexible and forward-looking. This means that it is easy to make changes and expand as needed.

If you are interested you can take a look at my code here.

Creator: A specially developed framework for responsive websites that most of my solutions implement.

This site:

Web Resource Compiler: A small tool for compiling SASS and JavaScript files using Node.js.